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American Guild of Musical Artists, New York
American Federation of Musicians - Local 709
Montana State Music Teachers Association
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The Guild of Temple Musicians 

Ms. Gorder is available to travel internationally
to lecture or perform.

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Suzanne Gorder

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"I have worked and performed in 16 different countries.
In each case, I always gave many hours to sharing my
art with others. I believe that educating audiences (of
any age) is the most important thing an artist can do to
ensure the future of their art"

Suzanne Gorder's formal education has been in the U.S., but her 
professional credits have been international in character. She has
concertized under the United Nations' auspices, performed extensively
as a recitalist for the Goethe Institute, and sung with major opera
companies in the United States, Europe, and Asia. She has recorded
for Israeli National Broadcast Concerts, appeared as soloist on PBS and
NBC television stations in Wisconsin, Illinois, and California.
Ms. Gorder is currently in much demand to perform with chamber
music ensembles. Her performance of liturgical music is always
enthusiastically acclaimed. She sings in eight languages in a repertoire
ranging from classics to Jewish Theater Music. As a performing Artist, 
Suzanne Gorder is an essential and absolute communicator.

"With her silvery voice, Suzanne Gorder spun a web of fragile beauty and 
breathless intimacy about her Jerusalem audience, moving many to tears."
Information D'Israel, Tel-Aviv

"Suzanne Gorder may have established a first in the role of the animated doll,
Olympia, by entering 'on pointe' and dancing in superb ballet style as well as
singing beautifully. In sound, movement, and form, she was the petite and
fragile doll."
Gesler - Oakland Tribune

"...Suzanne Gorder, in a well-produced, delightful fluent coloratura, sang the
role of Gilda and was followed by a salvo of applause from the audience of 
fifteen thousand."
San Francisco Call Bulletin

"The voice of an angel...."
McCormick - Chicago Tribune

"Suzanne Gorder, who made her work in every avenue of the musical spectrum,
gave a most sincere and heartwarming characterization as Leila. Her soft flowing
voice was held in reserve at all times, and one had the feeling that it could go on
and on with ever increasing beauty."
Herald & News, Dublin

"Sublime sensitivity, emotional depth, pathos, grace, charm and technical skill
made her Lucia a rare experience."
Manfried - Milwaukee Journal

"Her interesting program included the mad scenes from operas by Meyerbeer,
Thomas, and Donizetti. Miss Gorder knew this music well - by note and style."
Dierks - San Diego Union

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