Feedback from Clinic Clients

This has been a phenomenal two days.  Dan, your combination of horsemanship, horse knowledge, literary ability to articulate and teach, and personable qualities made every minute a pleasure.  The ratio of participants to you  (with Travis’s help) was great.  I truly cannot imagine what could have been better, and I’m interested in the packing clinic.  Emily’s food was super!—Jan Wallace, school administrator

Dan is an excellent teacher and communicator with an easy conversational style.  The course covered, at least it seemed to this novice, the most important parts of backcountry riding, always with an emphasis on keeping out of trouble.—Bob Lane, Attorney

…I enjoyed the stories of Dan’s experiences …I never felt talked “down” to and also enjoyed the other students’ constructive criticisms.  Travis was very helpful and approachable.  The trail riding was great for me—safe and anxiety free.  I also enjoyed Emily’s hospitality!—Rena Beck, Equine Masseuse

This was a very informative clinic.  Dan is a great teacher.  Just watching him and Travis handling their horses was educational in itself.  I’d be happy to take another class from them.  And, The Johnson Place was a great place to stay.—Valencia Lane, Attorney

Thanks for so much useful and confidence-building information that will make it possible for us to start packing into the backcountry.  Your are so well organized and supportive that learning is safe—plus the food was great.—Roberta Parrot, retired School Administrator.

Hurray for Emily, the food was great.  The practical knowledge was fantastic for me to apply to my everyday riding.  The patience working with a novice horse and novice rider was very kind, much kinder than I would have been, and well worth the expense.—Teddy Blinco

Like my horse riding tune-up gave me increased confidence to ride my “new” horse, your instruction has given me increased confidence to pursue magazine article writing!  Tune-ups are a good thing.Thekla Madsen regarding positive results from the “Ride and Write” retreat.

Back to ‘Ride and Write’--I have been savoring  Sketches from the Ranch very slowly as like the Montana experience, I do not want the book to end.  Thank you so much, Dan and Emily for your great hospitality and inspiration.Mary Benson