Ride and Write

Ride and Write

For many of us horses are an essential part of the good life.  Moreover, for many of us who feel that way, reflecting to others on the printed page our experiences with equines seems a required extension of our interaction with the animals.  In its third year, Ride and Write is a medley of these two interests and of Dan Aadland’s instructional expertise as an equine clinician and as a professional author and teacher of writing. Subjects touched during the weekend will include the personal narrative/memoir, writing for equine publications, and book proposals for equine publishers.  We may even try our hand at cowboy poetry.  Time around the conference table is interspersed with horseback rides to several evocative sites on our ranch, intended to stimulate the creative process.  (Limit of 6 Participants)

Fee Schedule (identical for all clinics):

Clinic fee $350 per person—Clinic fee includes all meals from Saturday morning through Sunday noon.

Horse Stall/Pen—no charge.  Hay, if needed, available at $5.00 per day.

Lodging—in either the Johnson Place Guest House or the Bunkhouse is available at $50 per person per night.

Trailer ParkingStaying in trailers at the arena is permitted.  Limited water and electricity hookups (no AC) $35 per night per trailer.

Deposit of $100 per person is required to hold your place.  Deposit is non-refundable unless clinic is cancelled.


The Instructors

Dan Aadland, Ph.D., is a lifelong horseman, rancher, and writer.  Author of seven books and many magazine articles (he’s currently a columnist for Equus and The Trail Rider) Dan taught English on high school and college levels while developing, with his wife Emily, a Tennessee Walking Horse breeding and training facility on the ranch that’s been in Emily’s family for 110 years.  A proponent of the multi-skilled backcountry horse, Dan has also been a work horse teamster since logging in the 1980’s with Big Jim, his Belgian stallion.  His interest in draft horses continues, his skills honed frequently by using his team Julie and Lefty for various ranch tasks.

Emily Aadland, lifetime rancher and retired teacher, assists Dan not only as clinic cook but as an instructional resource with a lifetime of ranch horse experience.